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Adams Lawn Care offers Rock Pathways Services, Providing pathways is one of the most important jobs for any Rock Hill business. The cost of construction is one of the biggest factors that decide which type of pathway you should have. Mulch and gravel are the cheapest materials available for a pathway. These materials also make the process simple. You can use a mulch mixture for your pathway or choose from a variety of gravels that range from coarse bark to shells and crushed stones. Crushed stone is also a more durable option, but it requires more work and occasional weeding.

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The best material to use for a wheelbarrow path is crushed stone. Pea rock isn’t very durable, so you should choose one that will be firm enough to hold a wheelbarrow. For long paths, vibrating plate tamper is recommended. Plastic landscape edging is inexpensive and fast to install. You can plant over the edges of the path. For a more crisp edge, you can use steel or aluminum edging. These materials are more expensive than plastic, and they aren’t forgiving on sloped terrain.

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