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Adams Lawn Care offers Aeration and seeding. Aeration and seeding are separate services. However, they are often done in tandem and are essential to the health of your lawn. Aeration allows more water and oxygen to permeate the soil and help new grass seedlings establish. In contrast, seeding depletes the soil of essential nutrients and reduces water absorption. Core aeration, or the process of breaking up the compacted layer beneath the lawn’s surface, can increase the amount of nutrients, reducing puddles and runoff..

Key Benefits of Service

Aeration can help the roots of your grass grow deeper by removing compacted soil. This allows essential nutrients to permeate deeper into the soil, which reduces the amount of work necessary to keep your lawn lush and green. Overseeding is a process in which a new grass seed is sown over the existing turf, which prevents unsightly weeds and other unwanted growth.

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